The Story of Love&32

Love&32's Story

by Michelle, an individual who has always been fascinated by the inner strength and aura within a human.

Due to her strong desire to know more about inner strength and aura, she then decided to explore more into immanence related studies and eventually enrolled herself for a professional course designed exclusively for Hypnotherapist iand successfully obtained her professional certification that was issued by International Hypnosis Association (IHA).

She had officially leaped into Hypnotherapy industry and went on to founded Love&32 to lend a helping hand to individuals who have always wanted to change their lives to the better and yet have no clue on how to begin with or often times got scared away by the expensive course fees.

Michelle is also honoured to be included in the “Successful People in Malaysia Encyclopedia”-Third Edition by Britishpedia Publishing House, witnessing her selfless contribution to society. 

In addition, Michelle is also a Mentor that is recommended by Dream to Success, the largest success learning platform in Malaysia, and she is deeply loved by students.

Meaning of Love&32


Representing the word "love". In energetic field, love is actually a very high-frequency energy within human. It literally empowers most of the living things in the world and there is nothing that Love can't resolve.


The two-digit number of 32 actually means "With faith, everything is possible" in the Angel Number studies.

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Some Words From Michelle

         In today’s society, people are often busy in pursuing happiness or achievement from the outer world, and yet forgotten that every success comes from within and we must realize what we really want from the inner world in order to move further and achieve more in life. As a result, one can’t even hear the voice and inspiration from the inner world, and completely neglected the inner self.

Likewise, everyone actually has an inherent strength to support themselves, but due to the invasion of emotions, pressure, financial burden, health condition, interpersonal relationship, and so on, this inner strength has been gradually buried without one knowing.

If you are still reading and wanting to regain the freedom as well as the joy of your soul, need look no further. 

Love&32 brings you the most affordable and valuable Products, Hypnotherapy Treatments, and Courses that consists of the combination of Healing and Energy elements.

With Love&32, you will be able to discover your true self!


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This course is specially designed for Beginner without any knowledge of Hypnosis. By enrolling this online course, you will pick up the real techniques of self-hypnosis and learn to improve your habits, behaviors, and be able to take control of your emotions. Click the following link to find out more – https://love32healing.com/en/product/the-journey-of-self-hypnosis/

A complete session consists of 6 Hypnotherapy Healing Treatments which is customizable based on your needs or the issues that you are facing. The treatments help you in improving the conditions. Click the following link to find out more – https://love32healing.com/en/product/soul-healing-treatment-complete/

A single session consists of 1 Hypnotherapy Healing treatment which is specially designed for those who are interested to experience how Hypnotherapy actually feels like. You will feel released after the treatment. Click the following link to find out more – https://love32healing.com/en/product/soul-healing-treatment-single/

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